In 1979 the “bros P.Vourka” establish a partnership for the production and marketing of concrete. Creates the concrete plant at 5th Km of National Road Kozani-Ptolemais and named “Standard Concrete P. Vourkas Bros. Co.”.

In 1987 he founded the prefecture of Grevena subsidiary “STANDARD CONCRETE SA” for the production and marketing of cement, which in 2010 merged with the parent company “BROS P.VOURKA-STANDARD CONCRETE AB . E. ”

In 1998 the company converted into a Limited Company and changed its name to “Bros P.VOURKA-STANDARD CONCRETE CO.”

In 1994 he created the “mire Quarries SA”, in order to meet the needs of both aggregates and concrete units in 1998 begins production and sales of aggregates in Quarry Pontokomi.

In 1999 “mire Quarries SA” company hires “Mikrokleisouras Quarry”, and in 2000 started the production and marketing of aggregates from it ..

In 2004 the “mire Quarries SA” begins an investment program to increase productivity, competitiveness, while ensuring the quality of the derived products as its main objective to better serve its customers.

The investment program carried out excavation and replacement of lading machines and two quarries and buying epikathimenon trucks.

In 2005, culminating in the production of aggregate rail Quarry Mikrokleisouras.

2007 “STANDARD CONCRETE P.VOURKA BROS SA” goes into increasing the transmission concrete buy 3 new car transport concrete.

In 2008 extended its certification Quarry Mikrokleisouras and production materials and bituminous materials for civil engineering and certification becomes Quarry Pontokomi to produce aggregates for concrete, asphalt concrete, civil engineering and railway ballast.

In 2009, certified to produce and distribute concrete according to ISO 9001:2008

In July 2010 the “mire Quarries SA” in a joint venture with “TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT SA” undertake the civil works for the installation of 12 wind turbines in the wind farm and the Life-Giving Spring 19 concrete bases for wind turbine installation. The project will be completed within 10 months.


In December 2011 the “mire Quarries SA” undertake earthworks for placement fotovoltaikon.