Pontokomi Quarry

The “Pontokomi Quarry” located at “Strougka” position of municipal district Pontokomi of the municipality of Kozani.

It covers an area of 340 acres with main purpose the mining. procesing and marketing of limestone aggregates.

The excellent mechanical characteristics of the raw material in combination with continuos inspection of production procedures  from our experienced personnel  following by  continuous testing of final products has as result the production of high quality limestone aggregates which are suitable for:

  • Aggregate for concrete
  • Railway Ballast
  • Aggregates for bituminus mixtures
  • Aggregate for mortar
  • Aggregate for road construction

The company has been certified the production of “Pontokomi Quarry” since 2008, according to Greek and European  neglination for και της έχει αποδωθεί το υπ’ αριθμ. 0654-CDP-004 Πιστοποιητικό and for this reason the products have got CE marking and they could trade around the European Union.

In Quarry Pontokomi clientele include some of the largest construction groups and construction companies after materials have been used to:

Renewal of railway lines
Projects of “EGNATIA SA”
Projects carried out by the “PPC AE “

The knowledge, manpower and mechanical equipment quarantee the coverage of your needs.