Mikrokleisoura quarry

The “Quarry Mikrokleisouras” located in the Municipal District of the City Ventziou Grevena.

It covers an area of  265 acres and essentially is the mining, processing and marketing of aggregates read.

The excellent mechanical characteristics of the parent rock in conjunction with the monitoring of the production process of the company’s experienced personnel and continuous laboratory tests carried out has resulted in the production of high quality limestone aggregate, which is suitable for:

  • gravel railroad
  • bituminous mixtures
  • for inert landfill
  • road

The company has been certified since 2005 to control production line of the gravel quarry, according to Greek and European legislation, and then in 2008 proclaimed all manufactured products and has the apodothei No. 0654-CDP-005 Certificate and up therefore the Savoury products are CE marked and can move within the European Union.

Aggregates from “Quarry Mikrokleisouras” have been used in many demanding projects such as:

Construction of High Speed Network ERGOSE

Broadcast on the carpet “EGNATIA SA”

Reload subway line

Broadcast on the carpet “PATHE”

Landfill subbase Grammar

Athens Metro

The expertise, manpower and machinery are guaranteed to meet your needs.