Company History Bros P.Vourkas

In 1979, Vourkas Bros (Michael, Savvas and Nicolas) establish a general partnership under the name ‘’Standard Beton Vourkas Bros O.E.’’ which aims to produce and market concrete. In this context, a concrete production complex is being constructed at the 5th Km of Kozani-Ptolemaida National Road and concrete trucks (barrels) as well as a truck with a concrete pumping unit (press) are being purchased. After eight years of success in the ready-mixed concrete industry, gaining the trust of their customers in the prefecture of Kozani and beyond, they decided to invest in 1987 in the prefecture of Grevena with the construction of a new unit for the production and transport of ready-mixed concrete. These two companies have acquired a strong clientele which includes large construction companies and important contractors in both prefectures.

          In order to verticalize the activity in the construction sector and aiming at the better control of the quality of the raw materials of the concrete, a decision is taken in 1994 to establish a new company under the name "LATOMEIA VOURKA SA". In 1995, the production of limestone aggregates from the Pontokomi Quarry began to cover the needs of the two units of ready-mixed concrete as well as to cover the needs of the area in aggregates. Also in the same year, the ready-mixed concrete company that operates in the Prefecture of Kozani is transformed into an Industrial Anonymous Commercial Company and its name is changed to "P. VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA".

          In 1999 "LATOMIA VOURKA SA" company rented the "Mikrokleisoura Quarry", and in 2000 started the production and marketing of aggregates from it. Diabasis mining is being carried out at the "Mikrokleisoura Quarry", which is a refractory rock that comes from the coagulation of magma when it is on its way to the surface and for this reason its appearances have a venous form. The aggregates produced in "Mikrokleisoura Quarry" are characterized by their exceptional mechanical characteristics and for this reason they are used in special uses such as curved railway lines, non-slip aggregates for asphalt motorways and airports, cold asphalt mixes, etc.

          In 2004, "LATOMIA VOURKA SA" launched an investment program to increase productivity and competitiveness while ensuring the quality of the products produced, with the main goal of serving its customers better and reducing environmental pollution. Within the framework of the investment program, the excavation and loading machines of both quarries are being renewed, the purchase of trucks as well as the certification of control over the production of concrete railway lines for the “Mikrokleisoura Quarry” in 2005.

          In 2007, "P.VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA" proceeds to increase its capacity by purchasing new concrete transport vehicles to meet the needs of its customers

          In 2008, the certification of the Mikrokleisoura Quarry was expanded to produce materials for asphalt mixes and materials for civil engineering projects, while the Pontokomi Quarry was also certified for the production of aggregates for concrete, asphalt mixes, civil engineering works and railway lines.

          In 2009, according to ISO9001: 2008, "P. VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA" is certified in the field of production and distribution of concrete.

          In 2010 "STANDARD BETON SA" subsidiary located in the Prefecture of Grevena is united with "P. VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA" which is the parent company and is based in the 5th Km of Kozani-Ptolemaida National Road in the Prefecture of Kozani.

          In 2012, according to ISO9001: 2008, "LATOMIA VOURKA SA" is certified in the field of production and marketing of aggregates.

          In 2018, the ISO9001: 2008 certificates of both "P. VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA" are updated, as well as "LATOMIA VOURKA SA" according to ISO9001: 2015.


The President and CEO:

Vourkas Nikolaos