Quarry of Pontokomi

The “Pontokomis Quarry” is located at the “Strouga” location of the Municipal District of Pontokomi in the Municipality of Kozani.

It covers an area of ​​340 acres and its main purpose is the extraction, processing and marketing of limestone aggregates. Production capacity is 310 tons / hour.

The exceptional mechanical characteristics of the parent rock in combination with the monitoring of the production process by the experienced staff of the company and the continuous laboratory tests carried out result in the production of high quality limestone aggregates, which are suitable for:

  • concrete
  • gravel railroad
  • asphalt mixes
  • sand for plaster
  • road construction

The company has certified since 2008 its production control for the quarry, according to Greek and European legislation, for its products and has the certificate number 0654-CPR-005 compliance with the production control and therefore Its products bear the CE mark required by law and may be marketed within the European Union.

Pontokomis products

The table above shows us the gradings produced by the Pontokomi quarry and their uses.

The clientele of the Pontokomi quarry includes some of the largest construction groups and construction companies since its materials have been used in:

  • Railway line updates
  • Projects of "EGNATIAS ODOU SA"
  • Projects carried out by “PPC SA ”

The know-how, the human resources and the mechanical equipment guarantee the coverage of your needs