"P. Vourka Bros Standard-Beton SA" company, is active in the field of production and marketing of concrete as well as in the field of marketing of aggregates. In its 41 years of operation, cement is supplied by "A.G.E.T. HERACLES "with specialised vehicles. In the first years of its activity, the supply of aggregates was carried out by various quarries in the area, since 1994, when the private interest company "LATOMEIA VOURKA SA" was created, "P. VOURKA BROS STANDARD-BETON SA" is supplied exclusively by "LATOMEIA VOURKA SA" inert materials for the preparation of ready-mixed concrete.

A fully automated mixer with a capacity of 80m³ / hour is installed at the company's facilities at the construction site in the prefecture of Kozani. Respectively, at the construction site in the prefecture of Grevena, there is a fully automated mixer, which has a production capacity of 60 m3 / hour.3/ώρα.

The company operates a modern fleet of concrete trucks and concrete pumps to meet the needs of its customers.

Production process is supported by a fully organized concrete and aggregate testing laboratory which includes the instruments provided for in the New Concrete Technology Regulation, the accuracy of which is controlled in accordance with European regulations. The laboratory has the required equipment and know-how to carry out concrete composition studies, with the result that the company can meet the needs of its customers in the most demanding constructions.

Kozani Concrete Production Unit has ISO9000: 2015 certification, thus ensuring that its production process and its products are in accordance with the law and the service of its customers is guaranteed.


Η εταιρεία έχει συThe company has partnered with construction companies to build public and private projects. Indicatively, it has supplied concrete in the construction of the following projects:

  • ΝATO ammunition depots
  • Units of Agios Dimitrios steam power station
  • Technological Educational Institution of Western Macedonia.
  • PPC pipeline from Lake Polyphytou in Drepano, Kozani
  • Parts of Egnatia Odos.
  • Wind turbine bases.
  • Bioclimatic school in ZEP Kozani.
  • Koventarios Municipal Library of Kozani.
  • Chromite enrichment plant.
  • Railway bases in PPC mines
  • High voltage substation.
  • etc.